As we are all aware of here in the area, there was some major flooding the last couple of days. Well I went out today to see my favorite creek, and to witness the destruction. I will try to explane it the best I can for those that know this area. The top slot had two trees that had recently fallen across the river, “They are gone and no where in site”. We had a big cedar tree come down last year, and it is also gone down river. The cedar tree had caused the water to run around the outside of what we call the “Log hole”. Well that is not the case now, with the cedar tree now jammed in below the log hole and above the birthday hole, the water is now running on the inside again and the log hole should be back to somewhat normal flows. With the cedar tree now below the log hole, this will make it a challenge to land any big boys that run on down. Now the big log that was across the river at the top of the log hole, “The log that created the log hole” is gone down river a half mile and has dug in just above the table top hole. It is about three feet out of the water and is not in the way at all. Good place for this log to end up. So from what I saw today, without being able see the bottom at all. I would say that this may have cleaned up the creek for the best as of now. Hope it all turns out as good as it looks. I went to the hatchery and the doors are now open, so the fish are going to go on in and the count now begins. Let’s all cross our fingers and pray the fish don’t all run up and in in the next three days like they did 4 years ago.

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Good luck out there