Water is up and the fish are on the move!

Hit the river today at the crack of dawn, and it was slow. I fished with Rich (Damon’s Dad) today until about 10:30, and then the rain drove us out. Back at the truck however, my buddy Don was walking up with a real nice little Steelie, and added that he had lost another one. I contemplated for about 10 minutes whether to go back, or pack it in. I decided to drive to an area that I could get cell phone reception, and call Steve. Luck had it that Steve was done working or the day, and was on his way up. I headed back to river to wait for his arrival. As I got re-geared up again, I thought to myself “This is stupid, it’s raining and cold, and you did not see any fish earlier”. What the heck was I doing here again. Well the answer was soon clear upon the first couple casts. Steve was hooked up 3 times in a matter of minutes. I took me about 20 minutes to get it together, and then decide I wanted to do this again. I was then able to hook, and land, two beautiful Steelies in about 10 minutes. Steve headed down stream a bit, and hit into two more chromers, that some how eluded his hook set. So I am very pleased with the decision to go back, but it was so wet and cold. I would do again in a second.

2010-12-09 13.23.412010-12-09 12.52.14   2010-12-09 12.53.15  

God luck out there.