Well we have not seen any rain this month, and the water is very low on the Situk and all other rivers in the area. The fishing has been good in the early morning and late afternoon, but during the sunny afternoons, it has been a bit tough. I have had a lot of trips down the river, and have many good photo’s to share. As you all know, my internet connection this season has been tough to deal with, so the posts have been far and few between. I apologize for this, and will try to rectify for next season. I will be home in Oregon on the 3rd of October, and then the posts will pick up again. I almost cut off my finger 3 days ago, and ten stitches later, I am put back together, but it hurts pretty bad still, stitches come out in 7 days. Here are some great pics and good underwater film of the Silvers from the Situk.

P9050064P9040045P9040051P9070168P9060091 P9070138P9070101P9070113P9070140P9070147 P9070162P9070192P9070176P9080225P9080194 P9080199P9100421P9100454P9100446 P9100455P9080210P9100456P9100469P9100489P9100481 P9100243P9100253P9100250P9100264P9100290 P9100317P9100405P9100415P9100391 P9100345P9100346P9100376P9120568 P9110498P9120507P9120505P9120508P9120513  P9120535P9120562P9120524P9140619P9140635 P9140593P9140646P9140649P9140587P9140594 P9140601P9140598P9140611



Good luck out there.