Well as you all know by now, the Internet connection here is not all that good this year. So I am putting together a weeks worth of pics and vids together in this one post. The fishing is really good now, and the Pink Salmon are starting to show up in the lower river. This only means that the Silvers will be right on their tail fins. The amount of Sockeye entering the river is still staggering. The evening tides have brought in real good number from what I have observed in the boat. I have been on the river nearly everyday for the last 2 weeks, so I believe what I am seeing is correct. The King season is still closed, and will surely remain that way for the rest of the run. Even though we are not targeting Kings, there have been some incidental catches along the way. While throwing small spinners for Jack kings, (Any King Salmon under 20”), Dolly’s, and Pink’s, we have been lucky enough to have some large want to play the game. I was able to get some great underwater video’s of these monsters taking line, and making wakes. Hope you enjoy it all. If you have tried to use the E-mail button and have got no response, that is because it is not working properly. If you would like to comment or reach me, then use the comment button, this will reach my E-mail. The weather in Yakutat has been wet this July, but we are hoping that this will bring a mild September. Yakutat Lodge is gearing up for a busy August and September, so if you have a chance to get up here, now is the time to book a trip. Call them at 907-784-3232 and talk to either Ken or Kip Fanning about dates and times. We are Looking forward to seeing all the return, and new clients that we be here in the greatest place on earth, and most important, the best fishing there is in S.E Alaska.

Anderson and Ensel groups:

P7182094 P7182095 P7182097P7182096  P7182105 P7182108 P7182066P7182062P7182112 P7182119P7182065P7182078P7182082

The Milam Family:

    P7150331 P7150340 P7150355 P7150366

Stauffer group:

P7160373 P7160375 P7160389 P7160419 P7160426 P7160427 P7160436

West and Stiles group:

 P7160453   P7170035 P7140037P7140169 P7140046 P7140099 P7140106 P7140141 P7140147   P7140201 P7140208 P7170018

Strange group:

P6172064 P6162026 P6162035 P6172055

Good luck out there