The last two days on the creek, have been good. Had some trouble with the site last night, so yesterday’s pics will be added in today. I had a great day yesterday, going 6 for 9. I was only able to pics of four of them, because two of them decided to move just as the camera was going off. I think I may have got one of them flipping away. Today was a bit of a different day for me. I took a couple fisherman down today, and spent the day working to get them into some fish. Emmit and Shane have been fishing the creek this season with no luck. So today we got together, and they hooked up with some Steelhead. Emmit, I believe got two fish on, and Shane had 5. Not to bad for 8 hours of fishing. They did not get any to the bank, but that is not always what it is about. I hope the information I gave them, will help them with Steelhead fishing. I was able to touch 6, and land 4. For some reason I touched two right in the middle of the back in some fast water. I guess I was just getting in the wrong spot in the right area. Oh well, some times that happens, you have to take the good with the bad I guess. Anyway, back to the fish. The fish are getting colored up a bit more now, but some fresh fish are still showing up along the creek. I had a report today, that there are still Eagle Creek fish being caught at the mouth of the Clack., and the ODFW site says, there may be two hundred or more still coming up. Crossing my fingers on that one. I thought the creek would have reacted better to the recent rains, but the amount it came up, was erased today as I watched it fall and clear throughout the day. We needed a bit more moisture to really bring in the fish. It looks like we are going to be in a trickle effect with the fish for March, unless something changes with the weather. This may be a blessing in disguise though. If the rain does not come, then at least we have some fish all the way through mid April. So here are the pics from the last two days.



P2260001 P2260002

P2260005P2260014Little native buck





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