Ok you have to know the song, and sing the title to really understand it. Well you could have blown me over with a feather, I had the creek to myself today. I did come across a buddy of mine, and his dad, but this is just fine with me. The fish are still coming in fairly good. I was able to fight with well over 10 fish today, but again my percentage was way down. I only landed 2 today. I was into 3 fish with my first three casts. This was a great start to the day.

   There is a land mark on the river that mother nature has finally taken down. A particular cedar tree that I have fished off of for over 30 years, fell in the creek last night. Over the years, this tree has gradually leaned further and further over the creek. We noticed a large crack in the roots this year, and now it has taken it’s toll on this giant, and down it went! This would have been something to hear those roots tearing apart, and ripping it’s way form the soil. There is now a new danger. The area where the roots system ripped from the ground, left a hole, that may effect a larger tree above. I took a good look at it today, and it looks like it may be stable for the time being, but be careful walking around this area, and always look up. I got some pics of this tree, before and after, also pics of the fish today.

P1267050 P1267047 P1267048 P1267049


The cedar tree stood proud.

 1 21 2010 010


It lays defeated across the creek.



We will miss you, and the fish you held for us every day:

You were a comfort in the rain, you made for a great fishing hole,

and my dog will never forget the tunnel created by your massive root system,

in which she would weave her way through every morning.

Good bye old friend.

Long live one of the kings

Good luck out there.