Today was the first day of the year back on the creek for me. My photographer came in last night to join me, and what a day we had. Although the pics are great from today, a video camera would have really told the story. We started off quick this morning, with 3 fish on the bank, and tagged before 9:00am. After a short relaxation period, we got at again. In the next 3 hours, we hooked up with 14 Steelhead, landed a total of four, and lost some really nice pigs. One fish, “That we did get”, ripped me through some nasty white water and trees. I was forced to take chase, and work my way through these obstacles, until finally landing this Steelie about 200 yards. down river. This one really wore me out, but I did muster the strength to hook up with 2 more before we left at 12:30. Brian, “My photographer”, go into 5 nice fish, but was unable to bank these strong fish. The water level is perfect, and the clarity is the best you can ask for. I think it is going to be a good year! The fish are here, and they are biting, and the numbers are already better than last year.

Fish On!Nice buckI love yarn ballsNice buckBuck Indy and a buckBuck  Indy and a buck Nice buck Morning buck    SteelieIndy Rouge Me and a buck Indy and Steel BuckAll bucksIndy, Rouge, Steelie

Ok, and now the real pics.

This is the fish that just about wore me completely out. My photographer had to hold the fish, I was too tired.

The pics are great, but a vid would have really done the trick.

Check them out.

 Going down the rapids Limbo More limbo More limbo

Finally out. Almost Hang on

Still fighting Still Fighting Hang on

Finally Finally Final tally for the day

Good luck out there.