Today was the first real trip down the river for Silvers. While I was gone, there was a big storm, and lots of rain came down. (Approximately 16 inches in 5 days), so needless to say, the river was up a lot from the time I left. With this rise in water, the log jams all moved around, and the wind that came with the storm, also put down some new trees across the river. I had to cut one fairly good sized tree out of the way today, and I figure over the next week, there will be quit a bit more much more cutting to do.

Back to the fishing.

I started out today, just thinking about the rise in the water, and I was not sure how far up the river the Silvers had come. We got started targeting pink salmon, with lead head pink jigs. We got a few to the boat, when I heard Randy say on the radio, that they had already caught a Silver. I knew then that we should be getting into them anytime, because Randy was just around the next corner down. We switched over to black jigs, and it was on. We went to the next hole below Randy, and I don’t think it was more than 3 casts, when the first hookup came. This was a real nice Silver, weighed out at 16.7 Lbs. We got one more here, in a very peculiar way. With an errand cast, that when behind the boat, and over the back, behind me. I grabbed the line to retrieve the jig, and get it back out front, when a Silver grabbed it from my grasp, and the fight was on. This fish hit within 5" of the boat, then wrapped around the anchor rope, before we were able to wrangle him into the net. We struggled for some time after these first two, but we were able to limit out along the way.

All in all, it was a great day on the river, and the Yakutat Lodge clients I had today, were great guys, and fun to have in the boat.

We did see some bears, on the way out this morning, and I got one blurry pic.

The updates should be daily, from here on for some time, so keep looking for big Silvers.

P8190028 P8190030P8190038 P8190032 P8190033 P8190036P8190034  

Good luck out there