Last night Amanda and I got the chance to get out and do some fishing. Of course if you don’t know, Amanda is my Fiancé’, and the lead Bartender at the Yakutat Lodge, which the Lodge I guide for also. We went with our friends, (Eddie and Adrianna). We had about three hours to fish, and the fishing was fairly decent. We were able to finish up with seven fish to the bank, in the mouth. Sockeye are the only Salmon that I know, that just don’t want to bite very often. A process of lining them is needed allot of times, to get good results. We had some aggressive fish, when we first started out, but it became a lining thing at the end. We probably landed around 20 fish between us, with only the seven being legal keepers. So here is the fish porn for the day. I almost don’t like calling it fish porn when it’s Salmon, and not Steelhead, but some like this kind of porn also. So here you go.

Amanda, Indy, and Rogue  Amanda and Rogue


Good luck out there.