Well today I had the day off the river, so I went fishing. I was able to hitch a ride with a friend of mine that has a jet boat. We headed out from Yakutat Lodge about 6 am, and we were into fish as soon as we stopped. Another Fisherman with us today, hooked up with the first Silver Bullet within seconds of stopping the boat, and then hit another four or five within minutes, and got 1 to the boat. I got into 2 here, 1 of which I landed. The next stop produced about 7 bites, but no landed fish.Then the rest of the day was mine. I was able to hook up with over 20 fish, and land 10 of these Chromers. I lost a good amount of fish today, but in my defense, I think they were all big pigs. I don’t break fish off very often, but today 3 of these giants broke the fly right off. They had to be over 15 lbs apiece. I got some great underwater releases today, and some good pics as well. The river is in good shape. Temperature is still down in the 30’s, but the snow on the banks is gone, and so the water should start to warm up here real soon. Although the Steelhead season for cliental is almost over, there are still plenty of fresh fish entering the system, and the winter fish are just starting to fall back in good numbers. I think the Steelhead will be available through the entire month of May, and well into June, when the Sockeye’s start to show. The weir is just days away from completion, so the Steelies are going to start to stack up in the holes for about a mile above the weir. They will soon all be fall back fish, and should in essence be left alone to do there return to the salt. So although there may be large amounts of fish left in the system, it is best to let these fish rest and go back home, so we can get them five pounds larger next season.

Here is the fish porn and vids for the day. Included are a few cut throat I caught last night.


P5090052 P5090062 P5090074 P5110089 P5110093  P5110095 P5110099 P5110100 P5110103 P5110108 P5110114 P5110117 P5110119 P5110122 P5110091 P5110092  P5110104 P5110106   P5110116 P5110121









Good luck out there.