Today was the slowest start of the season so far. We fished the top half of the river real hard today, with no strikes at all. The water was real cold this morning, and the fish were not on the bite. By the time we got half way down, I was worried that we were not going to get a fish today. We kept at it hard, until we hit the 3 mile mark, and then it happened. We rolled onto a nice group of fish laying up under a tree. When we came upon them, they shot out from the tree, and went into a nice little run perfect for fishing. We got into 6 fish here, with none to the boat. After this pod ran dry, we headed to the clay bank hole, and it happened again. This time we hit into another 6 fish, but this time we got one to the boat. This was Dave’s first Steelhead ever. After fighting with 5 of these beauties, he was able to bring one to the boat. A nice spring fish, with a great fight in it. Here is the pic from today, and also another underwater vid for you fish porn lovers. See ya all tomorrow.

P5050038 P5050036

Good luck out there.