What a fish we got today. The fishing was real slow for the first part of the morning. We hit the half way hole on the river, and there was a good amount of fish in the hole. We spent the first hour throwing pink jigs under floats, with no takers. We then switched to black and red, and the bite lit up. In the three hours we spent there, Bud got into 7 fish, and landed 2, but the 2 he put to the net were spectacular. The first one was a huge 44 inch spring male, with a 22 inch girth. The second one about twenty minutes later went 39 inches, and was a winter fish. These are two of the biggest fish I have seen this season, and the 44 is the biggest caught in my boat. What a fish.

P4220005P4220002 P4220006    P4220001   P4220003P4220004 P4220009P4220008

Good luck out there