Here are some random pics from the last year!!

Heading back to Yakutat Lodge  in 3 weeks.

Professor at Work 006 Fish Dogs P1260079 P1300089 P2030129 P2070012 P2080008 P2170002 P2240008 P3010014 P3050018 P3050021 P3050030 P3050036 P3070007 P3080012 P3100011 P3140024 P3140027 P3170017 P3180007 P3190027 P3190031 P9100127 P9030020 P9040039 P9040056 P9100115 image3 image image1 P9140191 P9290204 P9290214 PA210015 PA120005 PA120008 PA140037 PA140040 PA140043 PA180056 PA180058 PA180095 P6190059 P5240001 P5240006 P5240008 P5240010 P5240025 P6060051 PB270206  P8290005 P8290012 P8290023 P8290068 P9170015 P9170027 P9150007 P8250002


Good luck out there!!