It’s about time!! Today the water level was on the rise, and the fish were on the move. I saw more fish in the first hour today, than I have in total the entire year. I was able to get into about 20 or more fish today, and landed a meager 7 fish, but what a day I had. I saw fish from the first minute to the last today, I am very excited about the next two weeks. The rain is suppose to hit good tonight, so I am hoping they are wrong and the rain will just hit in small spurts throughout the next week. The creek came up about 3 inches today while I was fishing, but stayed relatively clear. The rain has stopped for now, and I am thinking I have one more good day if the rain does come, before it may blow out. Here are the pics from today.

P2230001 P2230004 P2230010 P2230011 P2230002

Good lick out there!!