Another day on the creek has produced some real nice fish. I was able to get into 7 fish today, and it was fast and furious right out of the gate. I got into my first fish within just a few minutes, but he came unbuttoned. I got into another one fairly quickly, and it too came undone. Not discouraged, the third one came to the bank. I lost the next one, but was able land the two that came after that one. I then sat back to help a friend of mine that I met there today. I had also run into a fisherman ("Tom") at the creek two days ago. He was having a hard time believing me when I told him the amount of fish I was producing. So I gave Tom my web site address and had him get ahold of me if he wanted to go through the creek with me, and hopefully I could give him a few hints on what I was doing different. Tom got ahold of me the next day, and I met with him also this morning. I believe after the first ten minutes of the morning, Tom was a believer. I hope through out the day I was able to help a little bit. My buddy "Doug", that you have seen before with the big king from the coast was giving his best shot. He had a tough start, but after spotting a fish for him in a little white water pocket, Doug was hooked up, and landed a nice 7 pound buck, which I forgot to get a picture of. The fish that Doug got into was laying in about 2 feet of fast running water. This fish was moving around in the feeding lanes and being very active. At first the fish was moving around to much to get a fly to it. When I saw that it moved into a little feeding lane at the top of the run I knew Doug was going to hook up. I think it was the third cast after the fish settled, when Doug reared back and said "There he is", and the fight was on. It was a good fight, but we won in the end.. I will try to go again tomorrow, but no promises. I am getting beat up real bad by these fish everyday. I will fish until I cant walk or cast, then I will have my chiropractor fix me up, and I fish some more. Expect more updates everyday that I can get up and walk.

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Good luck out there.