Well the wireless was down the last week that I was in Yak, so that is why no updates in the last week or so. I will putting up all the pictures I have not done for the last Yakutat Lodge clients of the season. I am sending out a Sorry to Paul Zimmerman for not taking a single picture. Paul is by far one of the clients that I really look forward to Seeing every year. I had a great time with Paul just before I left, and I hope to see you (Paul), and the newly weds, next year. To all those who have been looking for their pictures this last week, I will be getting to that tomorrow. So look for them here. And I will also now be posting from Oregon, on Silvers, Fall Chinook, and most importantly, WINTER STEELHEAD!!!!!.



See ya all soon.



Donnie Email me your number.


Good luck out there.