Another day on the river, and the result was the same. Even after 8 years guiding on the Situk River, I still get excited when a client hooks up with a big Silver Salmon. When fishing for Silvers with jigs, you have to be very quick on the hook set. Because of the fact that the Silvers will hit the jig on the way down, by the time you go to set the hook, the fish is already in the process of getting rid the jig from it’s mouth. By reacting instantly, you can get the hook set before they get rid of it. After several of these missed hook ups, we finally started getting into fish, and holding on. When all was said and done, we had 4 nice Coho in the box, and released near 50 pink salmon. The day was a great success. Here are some pics from today.

Big Silver Limit of Silvers Two big Silvers



Good luck out there!!