Well the Sockeye fishing has gone south, because of high water and very wet conditions. My friends, and clients of the Yakutat Lodge arrived just as the rain did. So needless to say, the fishing has been tough. The ocean, on the other hand has been very good to them. Here are some pics of Donnie Hunter and his group with some nice Halibut and Silvers. The pink salmon have also started to show up in the lower Situk. I expect they will over power the remainder of the Sockeye in the system, making it hard to even see the Sockeye. When the pink Salmon enter the river, they come in very large schools. There maybe over 500 fish in every hole on the entire river. Because of their aggresive attitude, they make it very hard to fish for anything else in the river. It also makes them a great fish to target for fun. On an average day, a client could expect to hook into well over 20 fish a day. On a good day, that number could easily go upto 50. So if your looking for a fish that is very aggressive, good for smoking (When caught fresh), and a load of fun to fish for, then check out the Situk River, and the Yakutat Lodge for some good times and great fishing.


Good luck out there.