Sorry about the font, my program keeps giving script errors. Well the sockeye will be here soon, but there are a bunch of Steelhead still in the river. On the 14th of June, commercial nets go into the river. Cross your fingers that the Steelhead are gone by then. There are a small percentage of Steelhead that get caught in the nets each season, but the percent is small enough, that there is virtually no impact on the run itself. I can smell the Salmon in the air. They are close, but I still can’t get out of Steelhead mode. Steelhead are the best fresh water fish there is, and I wish they would run all year long. This will be the last Steelhead post of the season, or until I get back to Oregon for the winter. I hope the Salmon season goes well, and I will continue to post nearly every day throughout the entire year. I don’t take as many pictures during Salmon season normally, as I do with the Steelhead, so if I am slacking on pics then let me know. I will also be tracking down the Yakutat Lodge Hooker fleet of boats, to get pics of the butts, cod, and kings. Hopefully during this time I can give some good info and how to catch Steelhead, and some of the methods I have used for the last 20 years. Here are some pics from the last of the Steelhead with my photographer.

IMG_8595IMG_0023IMG_8086IMG_8228IMG_8600IMG_8168 IMG_0032IMG_8190 IMG_0010  IMG_7993 IMG_8102     IMG_8009