I know I said the fish were coming, and then I said they were not coming, because of water height and temperature. Well now they are coming for sure. I spent time in the lodge late last night, talking to some fisherman that were down at the mouth during the tide change. They said at least a couple hundred fish came in the system. So with that info I the clients, from Yakutat Lodge, down to the half way point of the river and started to fish. At first I thought that I had really shot myself in the foot, but after a few non productive holes, we started hitting some real nice spring fish. My clients today were a father daughter team ,that came from Montana. Brian, (The Dad), had come up last year with a friend of his, and had such a great experience that he brought up his Daughter this year. Now Brian started fishing Steelhead about five years ago, and become addicted. He has fished many different rivers, and has become one of my favorite clients of the year. On the other hand his Daughter (Kamy), had never been into a Steelhead, and was looking forward to her first. It didn't take long before she was hooked up. Seconds later it was over. Setting the hook can be a hard thing to right the first time, and the second, third, and fourth, but the fifth fish was a winner. After banking her first she was setting hook like a pro. Through out the day Brian's daughter really let him know who the fisherman was in the family. Hooking 8 to her Dad's 4 really set her apart for the day. I got the chance to take a few pics, and here they are.

Brains nice buck The first of three Second of three number three

Fights on! Nice buck


See you all tomorrow.