I don't really know if there is anything else other than fishing, but there are people who like other things. Yakutat is known for the Situk river, and it's world famous Steelhead, Salmon, and Halibut fishing. Yakutat Lodge is at the center of all the action, and with the best river and ocean guides available you can't go wrong, but there is more. With a float plane and a plane that lands on the beach at the lodges disposal, you can explore the area around Yakutat. There are several Glaciers surrounding the Yakutat area, with the Hubbard glacier being the focal point of many Glacier enthusiasts.93679_35 Using the Plane to see the glacier is a great way to get a birds eye view of the top and the front of the Glacier. Another way to see the Glacier in an even grander scale, is to charter one of the four ocean boats at the Lodge (Conveniently called the hooker fleet, for all the fish they hook). Boarding one of the boats in the morning, you take an hour ride out from the harbor, and arrive in disenchantment bay,flowing out of Russell Fiord and at the end of the Hubbard Glacier. This will give you the chance to get up close and personal with the Glacier. You will see and hear the Glacier as it calves and huge chunks of ice fall to the ocean below. The ice causes large swells of water to spread throughout the bay and you can see the seals bobbing up and down on the chunks of ice they use to lay back on and sun bath. You may also choose to drive up the longest road in Yakutat, and end up at the Bridge to nowhere, that spans the Dangerous river that comes out of Harlequin lake. As you cross the bridge you will see large chunks of ice floating down the river, and large ice bergs standing in the lake like enormous statues carved by mother nature herself. The shapes created by the ice is something only described by actually seeing it for yourself. You may also choose to fly up to the head of the Situk River, and fish in Situk Lake itself for Sockeye Salmon that enter in late June through July. There is another Lake (Mountain Lake) further up that gives a person the opportunity to fish for rainbows in the stream between the two lakes. Weather permitting, a person may have the chance to fly up and fish for the Steelhead that head up to that stream to do their spawning. If the ice is off the lake in time, you have the chance to get to them before they make their redds and start spawning. So if you are one of those people that believe that there is something else to do besides fishing, then you may want to come to Yakutat for the Glaciers and the Scenery. Here are some pics that will give you a better idea of what I am describing.


Hubbard Glacier Harlequin Lake Sunset  Icebergs in the lake Harlequin Lake Hubbard Glacier Ice formations  Kissing eagles

From the air Plane flies by Ice bergs in lake Ice berg


Stay tuned for tomorrow, for the logging post.

Sometimes you just have to cut your way down the river.