Well I gave it one last shot today, and was shocked. The creek had life in it!!. For the first time in about a month and a half I can say, “Eagle Creek has fish in it again”!. I don’t know if the fish are all throughout the creek, or just located around the top end, near the hatchery. I went out today sometime around 3 O’clock this afternoon. Within 2 minutes I was hooked up with a nice 15 pound winter. Then soon after I hooked another smaller fish, that still had some really good color, (The first fish was dark, but still gave a good fight). So to any of you out there reading this, if you have the chance take a look at the Creek and see if you can get some of these late winters, and remember there are some 20 pound natives that return this time of the year. My friend Dave Hickman from Idaho came up for the week. Me and Dave have been friends now for about 25 years. We grew up and cut our teeth together on some of our first Steelies on the fly rod. We also spent years fly fishing together for Kings and Silvers. Even though he hasn’t seen the Creek since 1997, you can see by the pics that he still has it.

Nice to have you back for a bit Dave!!

Dave with a big boy!                                                                Dave hooked up!


 Good Luck Out There And Have Fun!!!!!