Well to all those out there wanting to go fishing for Steelhead, I would suggest looking in the lower Sandy and Clackamas. In the lower Sandy now there are reports of some early summers being caught and the Springers should start to show up in the first of March and really kick off in April. The Sandy also has fish spread out through the system and they are mostly winters up near Dodge and up through the cedar creek area and above. If you have a drift boat, you can run the Sandy from the put in at Oxbow State park and float to the take out at Dabney State park. This is a fairly easy to novice run and the reports from the guides I have spoke with say they are still picking up some winters and a few summers, so if you have the chance this could be a opportunity to take advantage of. The cedar creek area is for those who don’t mind fishing with a lot of other guys that are looking for the same thing you are, (The one fish that hasn’t been hit the head)!. To all those die hard fly fisherman who enjoy fishing Eagle creek near Estacada, well I have grim news. This has been the worst year in 20 years that I have seen. On an average day this time of year in the past I would see 20 to 30 fish a day for the whole month of February and March, this year I am seeing about 0-1 fish a day. I have fished it nearly everyday last month, and I was there today. I saw no fish today and the water temp. is still way down from earlier years. I have not given up completely, but hope is wayning and I am almost ready to write it off. I will update the report on Eagle Creek next week, I am going to at least look at it once a week throughout March and hope that the natives show up in good numbers. All in all the fishing is slow for the fly fisherman at this time when it comes to Steelhead. If you have the time head out the Crooked River right now for Rainbows and white fish. The River is open year round for the most part and the fish are always available for the taking, you may have to be alittle more persistent during the cold weather, but you can pick them up. The coastal rivers should start to pick up for Springers in the next month and should lead to some good fishing.

Good luck to all out there and be carefull!!

Remember to all those dog owners, Salmon poisoning is real and can kill. So if your dog gets into fish blood keep a close eye on them for 14 days, if they start to vomit or get listless then go to the vet and get antibiotics immediately. The pills will make them better fairly quickly.